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January 17, 2022
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Jordan Eisel: Learning Manufacturing from the Ground Up

Where everyone’s encouraged to ask questions, be curious and enhance their skills, it has created a very powerful learning environment for both experienced professionals and those who are new to the industry.

If you sat down with any one of our team members and asked them what they value most about working at Hirsh Precision, many of them will tell you that this is a great place to learn manufacturing, especially if you have little to no experience.

One reason can be attributed to the team itself. We have several experts across our machining, quality and prototyping divisions who have worked either in the industry or solely at Hirsh for 20 or 30 years. Another reason could be regarding the equipment that our team members get to work on. CNC machines, CMMs, software – we’re using best-in-class equipment at Hirsh Precision for the sake of our customers and our employees.

A final, and much less tangible, reason that our employees so often note the learning experience at Hirsh Precision is the team’s culture. Where everyone’s encouraged to ask questions, be curious and enhance their skills, it has created a very powerful learning environment for both experienced professionals and those who are new to the industry.

From Part Cleaning to CMM Programmer

While many of our team members could tell you about the many learning experiences they have had while working at Hirsh, Jordan Eisel has a very unique story of how she came into the manufacturing industry and virtually learned it from the ground up.

These days, Jordan is a dedicated CMM programmer. She is responsible for launching new parts, reviewing customers’ blueprints, and collaborating across the entire team on how best to overcome manufacturing challenges.

Jordan operates in a very critical role at Hirsh Precision, but when she first joined the team, manufacturing was a foreign industry to her. She was hired with a completely blank slate, and started off in our Crest Cleaning room, where she learned how to clean and visually inspect parts.

Despite not having substantial experience in manufacturing, Jordan is an incredibly bright individual. The team recognized that from the beginning, and it was no surprise that when they were shorthanded in the quality lab one day, they brought Jordan in to learn the CMMs and help the QA team get back on track.

“Going from crest to a QA tech was a huge change because that was going from just visually looking at the parts…to learning how to inspect the parts with critical standards,” said Jordan.   

With lots of hands-on training and a library of courses to aid in her learning, Jordan quickly mastered her use of the CMMs, and even spent time as a machinist for several months, which gave her a whole new level of understanding when it came to making and inspecting complex parts.

After spending several months in the QA Lab and learning the in’s and out’s of our CMMs and other metrology equipment, Jordan’s skill-level grew to such a height that Hirsh Precision asked her to attend a CMM programming class hosted by Zeiss Industrial Metrology in Irvine, California.

“I had only worked for the company for 11 months when they sent me out to that course, and it was just a really cool experience,” said Jordan.

Over the course of the week, Jordan learned on several types of CMMs, software, and other metrology equipment. She was able to learn hands-on from experts at an industry-leading company, and because she had worked so diligently alongside her colleagues at Hirsh, she excelled in Zeiss’ learning environment where other students struggled.

Come to Hirsh, Learn Manufacturing

As of today, Jordan has been with Hirsh Precision for over 5 years, and she’s learned so many different aspects of manufacturing: machining, inspection, crest cleaning, metrology, CMM operation and programming.

Jordan is one of those uniquely hard-working individuals who can accelerate her own development if she’s got the right tools and learning environments at her disposal.

I’m so very fortunate to learn what I’ve gotten to learn at Hirsh because we care so much about doing things correctly, doing it correctly the first time, taking care of our customers, and attention to detail.

Jordan Eisel, CMM Programmer


Taking a page out of Jordan’s book, we would invite anyone who is interested in a career in manufacturing to check out Hirsh Precision. Whether you have several years of experience in the industry or are coming in with a blank slate, this is a learning environment that’s designed for you to excel.

Teachers, equipment, out-of-state courses, in-house online training, and so much more – our goal is to support our employees’ career development. You can learn more here.

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